10 Stylish and Stylish Glitter Nail Designs

No one can resist a glittery nail. While that may be a firm stance to take, we’re positive even the biggest minimalist manicure lovers can’t help but do a double take at a sparkly finish. While we’re clearing things up, let’s tackle another antiquated notion: Glitter is for grown-ups, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. And while glitter nails are especially popular around the holidays thanks to their glitz and glam, they can absolutely be worn all year-round. Lucky for us, there’s just as many ways to wear glitter on your fingertips as there are weeks in a year.

“Do consider different types of glitter polish,” says Zoya’s creative director Rebecca Isa. “There are overlays, which have the glitter suspended in a shear base for you to paint over an existing color. There are textures which create a 3d effect. Then there are full coverage glitters which are meant to be worn on their own. Each of these types of glitter polish can be used to create beautiful effects in the nail.”

Whether it’s an ever-so-slight sparkle or a full-on bedazzlement, glitter nails will always have a place in our hearts and on our Instagram feed. Ahead, you’ll find 10 elevated glitter nail designs you’ll want to copy along with expert insight on how to really sparkle.

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